How to buy Bridgemate in New Zealand

Through the official Bridgemate distributor in New Zealand



Contact Jan Spaans, the official Bridgemate distributor in New Zealand. Read more ›


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Buying your Bridgemate system

Official distributor for Bridgemate in New Zealand

Bridgemate is available in New Zealand through Jan Spaans, the official distributor for New Zealand. Spaans is based in Cambridge, and is the local sales and support partner for Bridgemate. He takes care of importing the products into the country, local delivery making it as easy as possible for clubs in New Zealand to purchase the Bridgemate system, providing adequate information and after-sale support to ensure clubs will make the most of their Bridgemate system. Contact Jan Spaans for personal advice and pricing information targeted at your situation.

Bridgemate world-wide

If you are located outside New Zealand, you can purchase your Bridgemate system through a select network of distributors worldwide. You can find your local distributor at the distributor selection page.

Buying Bridgemate credits

Contact Jan Spaans to purchase credits for Bridgemate app scoring and Bridgemate Play.